In their own words…

To some, the Sarasota Performing Arts Center is a place of exceptional, world-class performances. To others, it’s the most rewarding learning experience outside a classroom. To all, it’s a memorable, inspiring, rousing adventure to enjoy and come back for more.

We’re proud of the rave reviews the people of our community have for the Sarasota Performing Arts Center. Here are some recent comments from our patrons, board members, students and performers.

Creating Impact and Support

“It’s what draws the impact and the infrastructure to help us support our specialty areas like ballet, opera, and theatre. It’s an integral part of the whole community.”

– Jim Shirley
Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County

Expanding Education

“What if every child in the region has the opportunity to visit the new performing arts center, the added educational experiences, and the performances.”

– Brigid Kolworth,
Early Childhood Learning Specialist

A Community that Believes in the Arts

“A new performing arts center has to be at the forefront of what we want to do to accomplish our community goals.”

– Cedric Hameed, Arts Coordinator
Visible Men Academy

World-Class Performing Arts Centers

“If we’re going to get the community to the same level of recognition in the past for its cultural offerings, it has to have a world-class performing arts center.”

– Darrell Ayers, former VP for Education
John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts

Providing Access

“This is a place children can come express themselves, demonstrate their skills, and connect and engage with the arts.”

– Faith Nawara
Early Learning Professional

Arts Education for Every Child

“The arts have an experiential nature, a hands-on learning, which is the key that unlocks passageways for learning students.”

– Nancy Roucher
Chair, Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County

An Enriched Cultural Opportunity

“The transformation of our Bayfront really preserves the essence of Sarasota, where culture and natural beauty were important”

– Michael Saunders
Michael Saunders & Company

“Through forward-thinking partnerships and a passionate commitment to respond to the needs of our community, now is the time to move forward and fulfill the master plan’s promise.”

– Cheryl Mendelson
CEO Van Wezel Foundation

“The Foundation is committed to helping the community realize its vision for a venue that attracts the most celebrated and acclaimed performers, enhances the patron experience, expands educational programming, creates jobs and adds economic value to the entire region.”

– Jim Travers
Chairman of Van Wezel Foundation Board of Directors